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ECO-Riser®: an idea better than conventional exothermic risers

Jörg Schäfer | 02.08.2022

Awarded for the most innovative product®: our ECO-Riser®

How can you reduce the supply of additional energy and thus increase energy efficiency enormously? Quite simply: with our ECO-Riser®..

In principle, this is a combination of an exothermic inner riser and an insulating cover. The inner feeder absorbs the liquid iron for rising and the shell reduces the heat dissipation to the area around the riser. 

The British Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (ICME) liked our idea so much that they awarded us the British Foundry Medal for the most innovative product in 2019.

How our ECO Riser® works 

The design of our ECO Riser® is based on the following idea: the performance of an exothermic riser is increased by diverting the release of exothermic energy to the surrounding mold material through an outer insulating layer into the interior of the riser. The following figure illustrates the different flow of energy between a conventional thermal riser and our innovative ECO Riser®:

ECO Riser® comparisition

Due to the combination of exothermic mass inside the riser and the insulating outer shell, an up to 20% higher energy flow can be achieved with the same geometry of the riser (height and outer diameter).

ECO-Riser®: Your advantages

  • Increase in the modulus of up to 20  (with % (with identical geometry)
  • Improved energy balance with high process reliability
  • Very little heating of the immediate area around the riser
  • Suitable for the use in the tightest of spaces, in core packages or in close proximity to the casting sections
  • Available as Point and Thermo-Riser® versions

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