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NETCore® – news for GIFA 2019

by GTP Schäfer | 01.04.2019

Reducing cleaning work on large castings with NETCore®

GTP Schäfer has now expanded its advanced NETCore® breaker core technology to create a complete product portfolio that provides solutions for a variety of applications. NETCore® enables the efficient and reliable removal of risers with large neck diameters and contact areas, eliminating the necessity for cutting and grinding. GTP has thus solved a problem that faces many foundries utilizing large castings. When riser residues exceed a particular neck diameter, their removal by mechanical means is not possible for a variety of reasons. With conventional breaker cores for feeder systems with a module size > 5.0 cm, there is a significant risk of mineralization or penetration of the breaker core, caused by the high thermal stress due to the proximity of the riser and the casting. The consequence is that the breaker core, the casting, and the riser become one product. When the breaker core sinters in this way there is no discernible breaking area and the silica core is unable to be removed by blasting, rendering it impossible to knock off the riser residue because there is no reliable breaking edge, increasing the risk of casting rejection. When large pneumatic cannons (big guns) are used for riser removal there is a potential to increase the probability of inducing stress in the casting or that the riser “breaks in” to the casting surface. Up to now, all this has substantially increased the work of cleaning, as they can only be removed by extensive cutting and grinding.

In order to fulfill its desire to offer intelligent solutions for the everyday challenges facing foundries, the Grevenbroich-based riser specialist GTP Schäfer offers its penetration-resistant NETCore® breaker cores in module sizes greater than 5.0 cm. This innovative solution ensures that the previously experienced sintering of the silica core is eliminated at the riser neck, offering a clear, process-reliable breaking edge. This simple but effective measure ensures straightforward knocking-off and removal of the riser residue. The integration of a refractory mesh in the breaker core offers a clearly defined, predetermined breaking point once the casting has solidified, thereby requiring substantially less force to knock off the riser, with a single light hammer blow being sufficient for a clean break in most cases. In addition to improving process reliability and casting quality, there are significant cost savings due to the reduction in cleaning effort required. GTP Schäfer innovations, such as its NETCore® technology, can be viewed on the internet microsite

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