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Simulation with FLOW-3D CAST

Malte Leonard, Matthias Todte and Jörg Schäfer | 22.06.2019

Realistic simulation of the combustion of exothermic feeders

Exothermic feeder sleeves are increasingly being used in iron casting and are now the most commonly used type of feeder system. Simulations have hitherto only described exothermic feeders using simple analogous models that use the release of a defined energy over the entire volume. Flow Science Deutschland GmbH and GTP Schäfer GmbH have jointly developed a model that enables realistic simulation of the combustion of exothermic feeder systems. With the help of casting trials it has been possible to show that the deviations of the simulation results from the test results lie within the range of measurement accuracy.

Simulations always merely approach reality. The models used for the simulation should, however, be capable of sufficiently accurately describing the physical effects of importance to the objectives of the simulation so that the correct conclusions for practical use can be drawn from the simulation results. This is now the case, for the first time, for the design of exothermic feeders thanks to the new model that has been implemented in  FLOW-3D CAST. The new approach of comparing temperature measurement values from casting trials with simulation results ensures a high level of accuracy for the use of exothermic feeders.

Malte Leonhard & Dr. Matthias Todte (Flow Science Deutschland GmbH, Rottenburg) and Jörg Schäfer (GTP Schäfer GmbH, Grevenbroich).

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