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Smoke-free risers – news for GIFA 2019

by GTP Schäfer | 01.03.2019

Inorganic proves itself with nonferrous metals

GTP Schäfer’s newly developed, environmentally friendly, smoke-free inorganic risers have recently proved themselves in practical applications in a large nonferrous foundry. Users of the new ISO risers for nonferrous applications reported a noticeable reduction in emissions with both smoke and odor significantly reduced, for the benefit of both employees and the surrounding neighborhood environment. This new development has finally resolved a long-standing problem that has been a major concern of foundries involved in aluminum sand casting compared to conventional, organically bound insulating risers that produce dense smoke and unpleasant odors. This feature of organically bound insulating risers has a severe impact on personnel due to the associated health risks and they are not environmentally friendly. In addition to the environmental concerns, the pyrolization of organic binders during the casting process results in higher costs associated with the necessary fume extraction. Organic binders are also subjected to fluctuating and increasing prices, due to the cost of the raw material being coupled with the price of oil. Prior to the development of this new system by GTP Schäfer, alternative inorganically bound risers did not achieve the efficiency of organically bound riser systems. The significant disadvantages of traditional, organically bound products was the catalyst for the development of this new and innovative inorganically bound riser system by GTP Schäfer for insulating risers for the nonferrous foundry industry. The binder system is based on a sustainable, environmentally friendly raw materials with a lower cost structure. At GTP Schäfer, innovations arise from the philosophy that we, the producer, should always consider the interests of our customers and, where possible, offer sustainable, individually tailored solutions. The new inorganic ISO-Risers for nonferrous metals are not only characterized by their low generation of emissions, smoke and odor, but also offer the same or improved feeding performance compared to conventional systems. Practice has shown that the higher binder strengths achieved with this new system, compared to traditional organically bound riser systems, offer clear advantages, particularly for high-pressure molding plants.

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