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CERATEC: for optimised casting results

Jörg Schäfer | 13.10.2022

CERATEC: our synthetic special moulding material for optimised quality in all casting materials

We have developed our innovative special moulding material CERATEC for use on cast and core parts that are subject to thermal stress. 

CERATEC is characterised by optimal flow behaviour during core production. With this special moulding material, you can specifically avoid mineralisation on thermally highly stressed core sections. The required surface quality is achieved without regrinding in almost all cases. 

CERATEC consists of grains with an almost perfect spherical shape. This results in several positive properties. For example, a high gas permeability, very good flow behaviour and – compared to conventional moulding materials – a reduced binder requirement by up to 60 %. As a result of the lower gas quantity as well as the high gas permeability of moulding material mixtures based on CERATEC, the formation of gas pockets and scabs is eliminated. These are just a few of the advantages offered by our innovative special moulding material.

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