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Low-emission, consistent, and flexible in use – exothermic and insulating hot topping, anti-piping, and covering powders assist in the casting process.

Exothermic and insulating anti-piping and covering powders support riser functionality. In addition to guaranteed consistent product performance adapted to individual and specific applications, our products are particularly environmentally and user-friendly due to the low level of emissions generated. Complementary to our standard feeding systems, we offer a range of exothermic, insulating, or exothermic-insulating powders that can be used to support the feeding system. Our team of application consultants will be pleased to help you select the optimum product for your application.


  • Emission-free
  • Consistent product performance
  • Adapted for each specific application and casting process
  • Short ignition (from 600°C) and extended burn-up times
  • Improved storability
  • Clumps after the reaction – thus separable


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