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We are a global company with operations in Germany, the USA, China, Turkey, India and Brazil.. Our exclusive focus is on the development, manufacture, and delivery of innovative high-performance riser systems.

More than 160 employees work at our headquarters in Grevenbroich, in the industrial heartland of western Germany, where we have been producing riser systems since 1988. In recent years we have expanded into Europe, the USA, Asia and South America. This enables us to deliver to foundries all around the world. Together with our sales and service partners, we work with customers in over 25 countries.

As a family-owned business, we combine innovation, sustainability, and strong growth with personal contact to our customers, employees, and suppliers.

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The Riser Company

We focus 100% on the development, manufacture, and delivery of riser systems for foundries across the world. All our resources and capacities are concentrated on this single product, enabling us to set standards for the riser industry.

Research and development

Developments for and with our customers

When we improve existing risers or develop new solutions, we work closely with our customers. In our experience, this is the only way to achieve the best results.

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Flexible response to requirements

As a Germany-based, family-managed, “Mittelstand” company, we have the ability to to adjust to the requirements of customers, markets, and employees. We are “The Riser Company.”

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Company history

A story of development and growth

Since its founding in 1988 by Jürgen-Michael Schäfer, GTP Schäfer has grown from a local player to an international supplier of innovative riser systems. Our product range and manufacturing technology have been continually expanded and improved. The result is sustainable growth and a global network.

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Contact us anytime!

Our team is always happy to hear from you.

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Regional representatives

A convincing global network

We deliver our products to over 25 countries all around the world. Our team of consultants and our local partners are on hand to deal with any issues that may arise.

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Certified management system

Planned sustainability

We are an ISO-certified company. Everything we do is an integrated part of our global management system. This enables us to maintain highest quality all around the world and at all times.

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