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Highly exothermic riser sleeves, specially designed for use on molding lines

Building on over 15 years of experience in the application and continual improvement of our POINT-Riser® product range, we have developed the PXT-PKXT- series: a new standard for high-performance, user-friendly, low-cost riser systems for use on high-pressure molding lines.

The newly developed product series combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative features and specifically addresses the current challenges posed by casting geometries and molding equipment.

How they work

The PXT-PKXT riser series is based on a highly exothermic riser body similar to the proven THERMO-Risers® or conventional sleeves. The riser body is connected to the casting by a metal cylinder (metal sleeve) pressed into the sidewalls of the riser body.

Depressurized riser system

When used on modern high-pressure molding lines, the riser body compresses the molding material below it identically to the rest of the pattern contour, thus eliminating the risk of overpressing or excessively soft molding material. At the same time, the connection between the riser body and the accessory (sleeve) is virtually depressurized. The riser stands on the metal sleeve, and the vertically-acting compaction pressure is converted by friction, with only a minimal impact on the riser material and the compaction of the molding material under the riser body.

PXT-PKXT-Riser® portfolio

PXT- Accessories in different sizes

PKXT sleeve based

PXT / PKXT – Series

PXT-Riser® Eickhoff Gießerei GmbH


PXT-Speiser® EMG Casting GmbH


How they work


  • Reliable molding process -> The riser does not break, no crumbling
  • Constant volume
  • Riser retains its shape
  • Reduced risk of exothermic mass inclusions, no crumbling
  • Excellent transport stability
  • No emissions due to emission-neutral binders and absence of plastic accessories
  • Clamping points guarantee positional accuracy after molding
  • Sleeve does not rebound
  • Greater feed metal utilization
  • Uniform mold compaction below the riser
  • Suitable for even the smallest contact areas
  • Riser exhibits ideal break-off behavior after casting
  • Also available in fluorine-free formulation (FF)

Application engineering for reliable processes

An additional feature of the PXT-PKXT- riser series is a pre-drilled hole in the riser body and the corresponding molding technology with a rigid pin and simultaneous venting. The geometry of the riser enables the pin to be designed for very robust use, which eliminates any possible bending of the pin – especially when dealing with lateral molding forces. In addition, practically all of the molding pressure is absorbed by the molding material under the riser and not, for example, by the connecting accessory, which means the frictional forces acting on the riser body are only marginal. This eliminates the risk of pieces of the riser breaking out or crumbling during the molding process, in turn reducing the risk of surface inclusions caused by the riser.