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Company policy

The key to success for our customers

Customer and Market

The satisfaction of our customers is our primary focus. With innovative product solutions, as well as application consulting, we partner with our customers to gain a technical and economic advantage. Our customers, the market environment, and the legal framework determine the requirements and performance characteristics of our products and services. We are constantly working to implement efficiency enhancements and cost optimization targets to meet the cost requirements of the market.


Our  Research & Development and Product Management teams work continuously in cooperation with our application consultants. Their development of innovative product solutions secures our company’s future in the global supplier industry. Our ideas are protected with patents and utility models.

Occupational safety

The safety and performance of our employees is very important to us. The prevention of accidents  during the operation of our plants or in transit is of utmost importance for us. To meet the requirements of safety for workplaces and the working environment and to further improve our safety standards, we work closely with qualified specialist companies as well as independent experts.

Plant safety

Safe plant operation and the prevention of potential, both inside and outside company premises, is a high priority for us and takes precedence over economic interests.. The requirements and obligations of the 12th BImSchV (Major Accidents Ordinance) applicable to the company are formulated in the company’s safety principles as a guideline for action for all employees.


To ensure our high quality standards, we have had a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1994. Quality must not be reduced on the basis of economic or specific market requirements; rather, employees, methods and processes, machinery, information and experience, responsibility and resources must be directed and managed in a goal-oriented manner. The continuous improvement process is the focus of our actions. We consistently pursue the goal of standardizing processes, designing them efficiently and ensuring quality on a sustained and constant basis.  We set transparent and assessable quality targets for this purpose.

Environmental protection

We attach great importance to virtually emission-free production and corresponding products. The sustainable protection of our environment and a responsible use of resources  governs our actions. We are committed to avoiding environmental pollution and to continuously improving our environmental performance. Within the environmental management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001, we are able to systematically, transparently, and positively influence the topics of climate protection, resource efficiency, legal security, employee participation, environmentally oriented procurement, and the continuous improvement of all processes along the product life cycle. To assist with this effort, an energy and environmental team has been set up to discuss environmental and energy-related issues at regular intervals, develop targets and implement measures for improvement.


Energy management

The responsible use of precious and limited resources is an important element within our company. We are committed to continuous and systematic improvement of energy-related performance, and we ensure the availability of information and necessary resources to achieve our energy goals. We strive to purchase energy-efficient products and services in our procurement processes, and we support activities that include the improvement of energy-related performance. In doing so, we take into account legal requirements and other obligations. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001.


Our company’s actions are focused on the future and the market, and aim to secure sustainable growth and a strong market position. Sustainable management and resource conservation are firmly embedded in our corporate culture. Social, environment and economic sustainability are increasingly important. We are currently implementing a sustainability management system based on the ISO 26000 Guidelines for Social Responsibility. We participate in the ecovadis global supply chain sustainability rating to ensure continuous improvement in these areas.


Our employees are our greatest assest and are responsible for the company’s success. The potential of our employees and employee health are fostered to promote a growth mindset. We place the highest value on respectful and appreciative cooperation, in which everyone sees and acts as part of the team. We strive for an organizational culture and structure that is shaped and developed by all employees and their contributions.


We strive for a long-term business relationship with our suppliers. The objective is to develop suppliers on the basis of our own requirements for quality, environment, plant safety and occupational health and safety. In this context, we place a special focus on the purchase of energy-efficient products and services.

Integrated Management System / Legal Obligation

In order to implement our principles, we have introduced an integrated management system in accordance with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001. Ourplant safety is in accordance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health as well as the Hazardous Incident Ordinance. We are committed to complying with all applicable and binding legal obligations and to continuously improving the effectiveness of our integrated management system. We provide the necessary resources for this purpose.

Human Rights Policy Statement

As a global company, we recognise our responsibility to employees and the environment throughout our value chain and business operations. We comply with international standards and guidelines and we expect the same from our business partners. A Code of Conduct for employees and business partners provides guidance on responsible and ethical behaviour that reflects our beliefs, standards and values.