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Company policy

The key to success for our customers

Customers and markets

The  needs and satisfaction of our customers are always our top priority. As partners we strive to provide our customers with a technical and competitive edge, along with application consulting, customer-oriented and innovative product solutions. Our customers, the market environment, and its legal framework influence the demands and performance features of our products and services. Along with technical and qualitative characteristics, our products must withstand the market’s cost demands. In order to achieve this, we work continuously on increasing efficiency and optimizing costs.


The development of innovative product solutions assures our company’s position in the future of the global supply industry. We work continuously on the development of product innovation in the field of Research and Development in cooperation with our application consultants. We protect our ideas with patents and utility patents.

Safety at work

The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance to us. We strive to improve the working standards in the company, especially with regard to the testing of new or changed processes, products, and raw materials. Our employees implement and support these regulations on a daily basis.

Site safety

The safe operation of our plant is essential and more important than any economic aspects in the event of a hazardous incident on or off site. The requirements and obligations of the company in accordance with the 12th Hazardous Incident (Reporting) Regulation (12.BlmSchV) in the case of an incident are defined for all employees in the company’s safety policy.


In order to maintain our high-quality safety standards, we have had a quality management system since 1994 in accordance with ISO 9001, which serves as a guideline for our integrated management system. Quality may not be reduced due to any economic or other market influences and in addition, processes must be continually optimized and questioned. In order to do this, we set transparent and measurable quality targets.

Environmental protection/energy management

The long-lasting protection of our environment and a responsible usage of all resources shape our policies. We see it as our duty to reduce the pressure on the environment and to continuously improve our environmental footprint. Equally, we are also committed to improving our energy efficiency and to allocating all resources with a focus on energy-efficient products, services, and information necessary to reach our strategic and operative targets.



Our actions are both market and future-oriented with the aim of securing long-term growth and a strong market position. Moreover, they reflect the sustainability of our daily business operations as well as our commitment to the protection of resources.


Our employees are at the heart of the company’s success and both their health and their potential are continually supported and developed. We encourage and value respectful teamwork so that people see themselves as part of a team and interact with this mindset. We look to build a company culture and structure which is created and developed by each employee using their own initiative. Our company policy and safety guidelines make up the foundation of our corporate activity.


The company GTP Schäfer looks for a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship with its suppliers. Our aim is to support the development of our suppliers based on our requirements for quality, environment, site, and work safety . We focus in particular on the use of energy-efficient products and services.

Integrated management system/legal obligations

In order to implement our policy, we have introduced an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001 and site safety according to the Hazardous Incident Regulation. We undertake to adhere to all current legal obligations and to a continual improvement of the efficiency of our integrated management system.