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FILTER-Riser cover the fundamental tasks of filtering the liquid metal during pouring and feeding the casting at the same time. The product is a combination of either an insulating or an exothermic-insulating riser body with a ceramic foam filter inserted. This combination allows the metal to be poured directly into the casting cavity without the requirement for complicated running and gating systems.

FILTER-Riser can be used for both steel and iron casting applications and are suitable for use in all conventional mold processes (vertical / horizontal / machine-molding and hand-molding). Only the filter used must be adapted according to the casting metal and the desired flow rate.

FILTER-Riser are available with or without breaking cores to reduce cleaning costs.

Images of FILTER-Riser

FILTER-Riser for DISA application

FILTER-Speiser für DISA-Anwendungen

Casting with FILTER-Riser

Gussteil mit FILTER-Speiser


  • Insulating and exothermic/insulating formulations
  • Inorganic bonding (emission-free)
  • Module-oriented performance properties
  • Filter flow rates adapted to specific application
  • Suitable for insertion and ram-up applications
  • Suitable for use in both hand- and machine-molding applications
  • Can be used in horizontal and vertical molding processes

Product brochure

Please see the product brochure for further details.

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