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The central element of NET-Technology® is a specially developed refractory fabric mesh, which is reliably inserted between the riser and the casting.

After the casting has solidified, this fabric becomes a predetermined breaking point of the riser neck, allowing riser rests to be reliably removed from the casting with minimal effort and eliminating the risk to surface quality. Savings will be realized with reduced cleaning times and improvements in casting throughput. Reductions in labor and auxiliary equipment are significant, with lower casting rejections. During the development of NET-Technology® the product portfolio was enhanced with solutions developed for all applications. They are compatible with all types of hand- and machine-molding and can be utilized with all types of binder.


Breaking edge “0” for large castings

The NETCore® breaker core technology was specially developed for the process-safe removal of high-modulus risers having cross-sectional contact areas on the casting with the aim of eliminating cutting and grinding operations.

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Efficiency increase for foundries

The NETFrame® product line was specially developed for the process-safe and efficient removal of gate and side feeder systems. Using this method, a defined, predetermined breaking point can be created directly on the casting surface.

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Maximum feeder power for the largest possible module

NETSleeve® was specially developed to achieve the largest possible module when using risers or sleeves, without the need for specially designed breaker cores or metal sheets. The technology allows for the efficient removal of risers from the casting without significant cutting and grinding operations.

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