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Exothermic/insulating Sleeves

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Exothermic and insulating Sleeves for ramming up and insertion

We have a standardized portfolio of exothermic and insulating Sleeves that opens up a wide range of applications for casters, due to the various qualities and breaking core geometries available. In addition to use in hand-molding shops, the sleeves are primarily used in automated molding plants and are either molded or inserted with a precise fit.

Exothermic/insulating Sleeves portfolio

EXO standard sleeve

EXO Standardkappe KX 50-80W KG22
KX 50-80W KQ22

Oval sleeve

Ovale Kappe mit Spezialbrechkern
With special breaker core

ISO standard sleeve

ISO-Standardkappe KI 40-70W
KI 40-70W

EXO standard sleeve

EXO Standardkappe KX 80-110W
KX 80-110W

EXO standard sleeve

EXO-Standradkappe KX 40-70W
KX 40-70W


  • Exothermic-insulating reaction
  • Module-oriented ignition
  • With or without Williams core
  • 40–60 % feed utilization
  • Low-fluorine or fluorine-free exothermic material
  • Suitable for high-pressure molding plants


The classic areas of use for our exothermic and exothermic-insulating sleeves are suitable for all types of cast iron, either lamellar or spheroidal graphite qualities. They can also be used for nonferrous metals with the ISO qualities available.