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Feeding systems with a high level of individualization – exothermic and insulating risers with optimized riser volumes for use in machine- and hand-molding shops

THERMO-Risers® are thick-walled feeder sleeves that permit extraction of up to 60–70 %. The material properties of the solid riser wall are defined from highly exothermic to highly insulating, depending on the intended use. Output can be considerably increased and economic efficiency improved as a result of the optimized material properties and the adapted volume. Casters can cover a module range of between 0.8 cm and about 8.0 cm with risers in this product range. Our compositions are adapted to the various geometries in order to meet this wide module range. Thus modulus-relevant factors such as burning temperature, ignition, burning, and heating time can be optimized. A wide range of accessories are available in this context, allowing users to adapt the feeding system to the specific application as necessary.

THERMO-Riser® portfolio

THERMO-Riser® Eickhoff Gießerei GmbH


Breaking core geometries

Verschieden Brechkerngeometrien von GTP Schäfer

Breaking core

EQov Brechkern von GTP Schäfer

THERMO-Riser® with breaking core EQ

THERMO-Speiser mit EQ Brechkern

THERMO-Riser® with breaking core EQ S

THERMO-Speiser mit EQ S Brechkern
Breaking edge "0"

Contour breaking core

Konturbrechkern für THERMO-Speiser


  • Higly exothermic reaction
  • Module-specific ignition times
  • Feeding efficiency 60–70 %
  • Good sand compaction
  • Designed for high-pressure molding lines
  • Low-fluorine and fluorine-free