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People are the key to our success. The growth of our company is a result of the skill and hard work of our employees.


GTP Schäfer is based on many years of experience in the foundry industry. Company founder Jürgen-Michael Schäfer comes from a family with two generations of previous experience in the industry. Initially, the focus was on delivering expert advice and trading in foundry equipment. But in 1988, Schäfer started producing his own products. The new company specialized in risers right from the beginning, and developed and manufactured risers for the international market.



Jürgen-Michael Schäfer’s elder son, Thomas, began working for the company in 2000. He studied engineering and business with a focus on developing manufacturing techniques. And so it was during his first years at the company that GTP Schäfer developed machines for larger production runs. We now have a balanced selection of machinery for producing small, medium, and large runs. This flexibility allows us to produce small numbers of risers in exactly the same quality as when manufacturing large six-figure runs.



In 2006, after starting out working on mergers and acquisitions in investment banking, Jürgen-Michael Schäfer’s younger son, Jörg, joined the company. His focus has been on expanding into new markets. GTP Schäfer’s network of partners has grown significantly since then. Today, we are operating in more than 25 countries and we have established subsidiaries for manufacturing and sales in the USA, China, Turkey, India and South America.



We have significantly increased our investment in research and development. The result is that GTP Schäfer is able to offer customers innovative answers to the challenges they face.

Today, GTP Schäfer is one of the world’s  leading recognized manufacturers of exothermic and insulating risers. 

We are proud to remain an independent, 100% family-owned, family-run company. Traditional values, above all, customer satisfaction, are important to us. We build on these values and the experience of our employees, while continuously searching for innovations that deliver real value.

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