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Cost reductions by using point-accurate risers made of nonferrous metals

The process-safe feeding of nonferrous metals can be supported by the targeted use of insulating riser sleeves. The main properties and advantages of this feeding technology can be summarized as follows:

Optimized geometry for use on molding plants

The self-centering inner contour ensures rapid equipping of pattern plates with risers in synchronization with the molding plant. Tilting of the riser on the pin – and the subsequent crooked ram-up – is effectively prevented. The ergonomic external contour of the POINT-Riser® supports the flowability of the mold sand, reducing the risk of uneven compaction of the molding material due to, for example, compaction shadows below the risers.

ISO-Riser portfolio

ISO-Riser without breaking core

ISO-Speiser ohne Brechkern

ISO-Riser with breaking core

ISO-Speiser mit Brechkern

ISO-Riser sleeve

ISO-Speiser-Hülse von GTP Schäfer


ISO-PUNKT-Speiser von GTP Schäfer


ISO-PUNKT-Speiser PIL von GTP Schäfer

ISO-POINT-Riser with breaking core

ISO-PUNKT-Speiser mit Brechkern

ISO-POINT-Riser sliced

ISO-PUNKT-Speiser aufgeschnitten


  • Feeding in previously impossible locations
  • Usable on small, slanting, or uneven pattern contours
  • Replaces traditional side risers
  • Improved pattern utilization
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • High stability, suitable for high-pressure molding plants
  • Improved casting yields

Product brochure

Please see the product brochure for further details.

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