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Corporate responsibility

We would like to give back part of the success that, thanks to our hard-working employees, we as a company enjoy. That is why we support projects to help people who need help most, ensuring that essentials such as food, clothing, and medicine are available.

When choosing which projects to support, we like to be sure that help actually reaches the people who need it. We therefore pay great attention to the sustainability and efficiency of the organizations we work with. We are proud to be able to make such a valuable contribution, and happy to report on the progress individual projects are making.

Our projects

03/2019 – MADAMFO, GHANA

Kyekyewere Health Center

The Dunkwa Kyekyewere Health Center would like to expand to include an additional ward for adults (2018/19), extra beds for maternity and children (2020), and accommodation for staff (2021).

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Safe cycling for primary schoolchildren

What is the right way to behave in traffic? Which rules must children know and obey? To help children to cycle safely, a local initiative offers courses for primary schoolchildren. We think this is a good thing and are happy to support it.

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05/2019 – SOCCER

Sport sponsoring – 1st FC Grevenbroich-Süd

Soccer stands for friendship, fairness, excitement, and emotion. We are convinced that we can change lives through sport and therefore support local sports projects. Our latest commitment is the main sponsor of 1st FC Grevenbroich-Süd.

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