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Corporate responsibility

As a company, we would like to use a part of our generated success to make a difference in this world. As part of our social commitment we help those who lack the most basic necessities, such as food, clothing and medical care.

When selecting projects and commitments, it is particularly important to us that our support and funds actually and completely reach where they are needed. Therefore, we pay particular attention to the sustainability and efficiency of the organisations involved.

Our projects

03/2023 – MADAMFO, GHANA

Consider Your Soul: the Kyekyewere Health Centre in Ghana

The Dunkwa Kyekyewere Health Center would like to expand to include an additional ward for adults (2018/19), extra beds for maternity and children (2020), and accommodation for staff (2021).

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Cycling Education with Primary School Pupils

What is the right way to behave in traffic? Which rules must children know and obey? To help children to cycle safely, a local initiative offers courses for primary schoolchildren. We think this is a good thing and are happy to support it.

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05/2023 – SOCCER

Main Sponsor of 1.FC Grevenbroich-Süd

Soccer stands for friendship, fairness, excitement, and emotion. We are convinced that we can change lives through sport and therefore support local sports projects. Our latest commitment is the main sponsor of 1st FC Grevenbroich-Süd.

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