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Increased efficiency and process stability through the use of intelligent feeding systems

Constantly rising demands regarding casting quality, together with the increased complexity of the components, require the use of feeding systems that offer greater performance. Constant quality and performance properties are particularly relevant in addition to the application-related flexibility of the feeding system. The demands made of our customers are increasing daily, and a further rise in complexity is already discernible. Our portfolio includes conventional feeding systems in addition to innovative and application-optimized feeding technology. As a result of our technical equipment, we can economically produce very small series numbers with a high level of individualization, in addition to the medium and large volumes of our serial products. A variety of riser geometries and volumes are available. An overview can be found here.


A riser system with a high level of individualization

An exothermic riser with optimized riser volumes for use in machine- and hand-molding shops. This riser system can be precisely adapted to the specific application due to the wide range of basic types and appropriate accessories available.

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Exothermic/insulating Sleeves

Exothermic and insulating caps for ramming up and insertion

Standardized production range, available in a variety of qualities and with a wide range of accessory options.

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Highly exothermic riser sleeve for machine-molding shops

Risers with a self-centering inner contour specially designed to be used in areas where minimal contact is required with a wide range of accessories that can be applied to meet individual customer requirements. The system has been specially developed for demanding use on modern high-pressure molding plants.

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Highly exothermic riser sleeves, specially designed for use on molding lines

Building on over 15 years of experience in the application and continual improvement of our POINT-Riser® product range, we have developed the PXT-PKXT series: a new standard for high-performance, user-friendly, low-cost riser systems for use on high-pressure molding lines. The newly developed product series combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative features and specifically addresses the current challenges posed by casting geometries and molding equipment.

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Solving challenges in the smallest of spaces

A modular riser system with enhanced performance properties for use in limited spaces, in core packages, or in closely neighboring casting sections. As a result of its intelligent design, a 20–30 % higher module can be achieved compared to conventional risers of the same height.

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Increased outputs due to reduced circulation

The use of filter risers enables casters to achieve a considerable reduction of the feeding and gating systems. The use of inorganic riser material thus enables the elimination of emissions and prevents possible rrosions during the pouring process.

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Conventional feeding system with intelligent accessories for heavy casting

Cylindrical, cylindrically-reduced and oval riser sleeves for use in hand-molding shops and in heavy casting. In combination with an innovative range of accessories, the sleeves enable cleaning and throughput times to be reduced by more than 80 %.

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Cost reductions by using POINT-accurate risers made of nonferrous metals

The self-centering inner contour ensures the rapid equipping of pattern plates with risers in synchronization with the molding plant. Tilting of the riser on the pin – and the subsequent crooked ram-up – is effectively prevented. The ergonomic external contour of the POINT-Riser® supports the flowability of the mold sand, reducing the risk of uneven compaction of the molding material due to, for example, compaction shadows below the risers.

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Special products

Adapted for the application

Special applications require special products. Special products, such as Williams cores, riser feet, and insertion pads help implement highly complex requirements. We are able to realize special products starting from one-piece series in cooperation with our customers.

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