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The ECO-Riser® is a combination of an exothermic inner riser shell and an insulating outer shell that reduces the heat lost to the surrounding molding material, this significantly improves energy efficiency. The improved energy efficiency allows for reductions in exothermic mass necessary and at the same time increases the effective modulus of the riser, improving product efficiency.

This feeding system has been consistently further developed during the last four years in collaboration with Georg Fischer (Leipzig) and there is now a variety of ECO-Risers® available in the series with module ranges from 1.9 cm to 4.5 cm.

Increasing energy efficiency in feeding systems

Foundries and their supplier industries cannot ignore the global trend towards using resources more efficiently and optimizing the performance of raw and auxiliary materials. Given the energy intensity of foundry production processes, considerable energy savings can potentially be found. The ECO-Riser allows.

Images & Videos – ECO-Riser®

ECO-Riser® GF Casting Solutions GmbH

Case Study

BALL-Riser ECO-Riser® Casting GFL

BALL-Speiser ECO-Speiser Casting GFL
Case Study

ECO-Riser® Casting GFL

ECO-Speiser Casting GFL
Case Study

ECO principle

ECO-Speiser innen Exo / außen ISO
Inside Exo/outside ISO

ECO 747 ME25N

ECO-Speiser 747 ME25N

ECO 747 ME25N sliced

ECO-Speiser 747 ME25N aufgeschnitten


  • Optimum riser efficiency through a combination of exothermic and insulating masses
  • Very low heat transfer to the surrounding environment
  • Possible to use in area with adjacent metal sections and casting contours
  • Module-oriented feeding in areas with limited space
  • Ideal for use in cores
  • Available as POINT-Riser® and THERMO-Riser® versions

Product brochure

Please see the product brochure for further details.

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