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Highly exothermic riser sleeve especially for use on molding plants

The self-centering inner contour ensures rapid placement of the pattern plate with risers in sync with the molding plant. The riser system only requires the feeder neck diameter as the contact area on the pattern contour. Unlike using risers with breaker cores, this permits completely accurate positioning of the riser – enabling use on the smallest of areas , such as cams or ribs.

The POINT-Riser® range of products is characterized by its modular combination possibilities. This enables a higher level of individualization of products adapted to customer applications. POINT-Risers® can be combined with exothermic reduction plates and metal breaker cores (ME sheets). This variety of products provides customers with a wide range of innovative product solutions.

POINT-Riser® with metallic breaker cores

The PX-ME N-series are POINT-Risers® with metallic breaker cores. The system ensures maximum output at low volumes and greater process reliability, particularly in modern, high-pressure molding plants. The metal sheet forms a previously defined breaking edge directly at the contact with the casting. The riser contact area is necessary to be reduced to the cross-section. The defined breaking point enables efficient knocking-off of the riser residue in the fettling shop, and the minimal contact surface of the ME sheet means that there is no need for extensive grinding of the casting in the direct area of the riser. In exposed positions, in particular, such as flanges with a minimum surface area for riser placement, the use of PX-ME N prevents the need for additional contact surface area – which would ultimately require complicated post-processing. The metal disks are available with diameters from 15 mm to 55 mm. In addition, metal sheets with oval holes have been developed (MEov N – 20 x 30 mm) for particularly narrow exposed contact surfaces such as flanges.

POINT-Riser® with exothermic reduction plate

It is possible to use an exothermic reduction plate as an accessory if a green sand riser neck is desired, or if the application requires it. This is a breaker core made of an exothermic compound that additionally heats the riser neck, whereby the riser neck is formed out of green sand and stands 10–15 mm above the component surface.

POINT-Riser® portfolio

POINT-Riser® accessory options

PUNKT-Speiser Zubehörsortiment

OPX with metal sheet

OPX PUNKT-Speiser von GTP Schäfer

PX with exothermic reduction plate

PX PUNKT-Speiser mit exothermer Reduzierplatte


PX-ME PUNKT-Speiser Technologie
Application Technology

PX with metal sheet


  • Improved casting yield when POINT-Risers® are used
  • Flexible positioning, even on complex casting geometries
  • Improved utilization of pattern area – more parts per box
  • Greater process reliability
  • Reduced machining and rejects
  • Reduced processing times

Product brochure

Please see the product brochure for further details.

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The POINT-Riser® is initially held up by a pin during molding. On compaction of the mold, the riser is pushed down onto the surface of the pattern, thereby compressing and compacting the sand under the riser, providing a well-formed neck directly at the casting surface. The easy removal of the remaining riser after casting leaves a very small upstand on the cast surface that has a minimal cleaning requirement.