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    GIFA 2023 Review

    From 12.06.2023 to 16.06.2023 the GIFA 2023 took place in Düsseldorf. We presented our innovative riser systems there. Would you like to get an impression of our successful trade show appearance?


    SimLink® – the innovative connection of GTP Schäfer to Magma

    SimLink® establishes a digital connection between the individual customer portfolio and MAGMASOFT® within seconds.

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    MAGMASOFT®: The simulation software for selecting and dimensioning your risers.

    Via our SimLink®, we provide you the data sets of our risers for your Magma in just seconds.

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    GTP-ToolBox®: Our digital data manager for foundries

    Provides you with our riser data in seconds. And ensures transparency for visit reports, sampling and complaints.

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    PXT risers: The new standard for powerful riser systems

    Ideal for you if you use high-pressure moulding lines.

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    NET-Technology®: The perfect predetermined breaking point between casting and riser

    Enables you to remove riser residues effortlessly. And that reduces your cleaning costs by up to 80 %

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    CERAPEARL 3D: Our new specialised moulding material.

    Application for the production of one piece cores utilsing 3D printing techniques

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    Our social commitment: We help where we can.

    Since 2019, we have helped to build the Kyekyewere Health Centre in Ghana



    GTP Schäfer awarded British Foundry Medale

    We are proud to have been awarded the British Foundry Medal, consider it a great honor and see it as a confirmation of our corporate strategy.

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    Optimized feeder system for use on green sand molding systems

    POINT-Riser® enables you to achieve the lowest contact areas, for precise process feeding in serial casting.

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    How Manfred managed to knock off a riser with a 150 mm contact with just one punch.

    NET-Technology® is an innovative solution from GTP Schäfer that allows you to significantly reduce the costs incurred for the processing of castings.

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    Intelligent feeder system for use in the most limited of spaces

    Modular feeder system with enhanced performance properties fur use in limited spaces, in core packages, or in closely neighboring casting sections.

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    Conventional feeder system for consistent production results

    A wide range of risers and caps with a variety of accessories, permitting individual adaptation to the particular application.

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    Pure Innovation! With jointly developed solutions and innovative new developments, GTP Schäfer enables us to offer our customers optimum castings and thus further expand our market share.

    Matthias Heinrich
    Managing Director GF Casting Solutions

    Short reaction times and decision paths coupled with an innovative product portfolio make GTP Schäfer a reliable business partner.

    Eisenwerk Martinlamitz GmbH

    Short response times and professional advice! In addition, a good price-performance ratio! This makes GTP Schäfer an important partner for us.

    Wim Senden
    VDL Castings Heerlen

    Research and development

    Developments for and with our customers

    When we improve existing risers or develop new solutions, we work closely with our customers. In our experience, this is the only way to achieve the best results.

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    Corporate responsibility

    Our success helps us to help others

    As a company with a focus on sustainability, we are happy to share our success with others and support local and international projects.

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    GTP Schäfer offers apprenticeships for industrial and office clerks

    An apprenticeship with GTP Schäfer offers all the advantages of working for a successful, family-run medium-sized company: Decisions can be made quickly, our organizational structure is flat, and the working atmosphere is dynamic and team-orientated.

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