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Conventional riser system with intelligent accessories for large castings

We offer a complete range of cylindrical and cylindrically reduced riser sleeves for use in hand-molding applications for large castings. The riser materials available can be individually adapted to the specific application. We mostly recommend the use of insulating or exothermic-insulating riser materials for casting with iron and steel. For some materials we recommend specially developed riser materials to optimize casting results. We would be pleased to sto assist you in selecting the riser materials used. In combination with an innovative range of NET-Technology® accessories, cleaning, and throughput times can be reduced by more than 80 %. More on this at www.speiser-innovationen.de


Oval sleeve

FASER-Speiser ovaler Speisereinsatz

Insulating straight sleeve

FASER-Speiser isolierende Hülse

Cylindrical reduced sleeve

FASER-Speiser zylindrisch-reduzierter Speisereinsatz