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Fahrradausbildung für Grundschüler

Safe cycling for primary schoolchildren

Jörg Schäfer | 05.02.2019

Coloring book

Aim of project:
What is the right way to behave in traffic? Which rules must children know and obey? To help children to cycle safely, a local initiative offers courses for primary schoolchildren. The K&L publishing house has produced a coloring book for children with questions and answers in cooperation with the organization “Verkehrswacht Rhein Kreis Neuss e.V.”

The book has been written for children aged between 8 and 10 years, and tells them in a child-friendly way about the dangers of traffic. It also tells them things they need to know for the cycling test that they can take at the end of the course.
Children learn that road signs are important. They find out what is necessary to ensure that a bike is safe and roadworthy. The book explains why bike helmets are important, and what they need to do if there is an accident. Thanks to sponsorship by local companies, these books can be given out free to primary schoolchildren in the Neuss district. We are happy to be one of these companies.

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