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Quality management

Ensuring quality standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Quality should not be allowed to suffer due to financial pressure or specific market requirements. Instead, all relevant factors such as employees, methods, processes, machines, information, experience, responsibilities, and resources need to be controlled to ensure quality. Continuous improvement is central to everything that we do.

Incoming quality control

The basis for the excellence of our products is high-quality raw materials, which are delivered to our specifications by long-term partners. We have clear demands with regard to composition, degree of purity, grain size, and bulk density. We trust our partners, but we also test raw materials ourselves, regularly checking their quality, and ensuring that materials meet clear criteria. Computer-aided control processes prevent materials that deviate from our standards from reaching the factory floor. Deliveries are only cleared for use when they have been checked thoroughly.

Quality control during production

Our mixing machines automatically control the dosing of each component. If the mixture of ingredients is not constant, the process is halted to prevent it being used in production. Our core shooters are monitored visually as well as by controlling specific parameters. The final drying process is monitored by taking samples to check for humidity and firmness. Humidity must be below a certain level and firmness must fulfill specific criteria according to composition and riser type.


Quality control tests

Our quality assurance department monitors and checks finished risers using thermal-physical, spectroscopic, and comparative analyses according to German industry standards (VDG-Merkblatt P81). We also stringently check our mixture before manufacturing. Process paramters, breakage resistance, precision, and humidity are checked and analyzed using computer-aided measuring systems. And there is an exothermic test to check ignition and burning times, maximum burn temperature, and heating time.