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Britisch Foundry Medall Award Ceremony 2022

NET-Technology: GTP Schäfer wins the British foundry medal again

Jörg Schäfer | 10.05.2022

British foundry medal for innovative NET technology

GTP Schäfer GmbH wins the British Foundry Medal by the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (ICME) for the second time in a row. The internationally renowned award was presented by ICME for the  technical paper “How to reduce foundry costs and optimize process efficiency of riser removal through the use of innovative riser applications and NET technology”.

British Foundry Medal Award Ceremony 2022

The technical paper was published in the Foundry Trade Journal in 2020. The two authors Jörg Schäfer and Nick Richardson (both GTP Schäfer) received the award. Schäfer and Richardson are the first to receive this award twice (2018 for the ECO riser and now for the NET technology). GTP Schäfer sees the award as an incentive to consolidate and expand its position as an innovation leader in the development, production and sale of high-performance riser systems. 


Portrait von Nick Richardson

Portrait Nick Richardson


Portrait Jörg Schäfer

Portrait Jörg Schäfer

Kundengespräch Whitepaper am Laptop

The innovative NET-Technology – briefly explained

Simulation der NET-Technology in MAGMASOFT

Simulation with NET-technology in MAGMASOFT

The heart of the innovative NET-technology consists of a refractory fabric mesh that is placed between the riser and the casting. After the casting has solidified, this tissue represents a predetermined breaking point. This makes it possible to remove remaining raiser residues with minimal effort. And you can reduce cleaning costs by more than 80%. Based on NET technology, GTP Schäfer developed a corresponding feeder portfolio for various applications and many molding processes. 

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You can download a whitepaper on this topic here.


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