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We are funding cycling training for primary school pupils.

Jörg Schäfer | 29.08.2023

GTP Schäfer donates for the production of the colouring and workbook "Kinder sicher im Straßenverkehr" (Children safe in traffic)

Keyword cycling training: In order to teach children safe behaviour with and on bicycles, the Verkehrswacht Rhein-Kreis-Neuss e.V. regularly conducts cycling trainings with primary school children. To support and reinforce this training, the K&L publisher has published a child-friendly, interactive colouring and workbook entitled “Kinder sicher im Straßenverkehr” (Children safe in traffic) in cooperation with the Verkehrswacht.

The book teaches third and fourth grade primary school children the dangers of road traffic in an age-appropriate and playful way. It conveys correct behaviour and prepares for the bicycle test. The primary school pupils learn that traffic signs must be observed, what a bicycle requires to be road-safe or why it makes sense to wear a safety helmet when cycling. They are also taught the correct behaviour in the event of a traffic accident.

Project goal of cycling education with primary school pupils:

The aim of the project was to raise enough money with the help of local businesses to hand out the interactive colouring and workbook “Kinder sicher im Straßenverkehr” free of charge to primary school children in the Neuss district. GTP Schäfer participated in this meaningful project with a generous donation.

Project realisation:

On 04.07.2023, the project came to fruition: K&L handed over 5530 of the interactive colouring and workbooks to the Verkehrswacht Rhein Kreis Neuss e.V.. In addition, the publishing house provided 280 posters with the topic “Where do I drive correctly”. These will be hung up in the classrooms of the primary school to raise awareness to this important topic through their daily presence. It was particularly pleasing that so much money was collected that the purchase of ten children’s bicycle helmets could also be financed. This allows the Verkehrswacht Rhein-Kreis-Neuss e.V. to equip children who have defective or non-fitting helmets or no helmets at all with brand new bicycle helmets.

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