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Invitation for GIFA 2023

We are presenting our fourth fair highlight.

Jörg Schäfer | 06.06.2023

Fair trade highlight NETCore®: allows for an easy and efficient removal of risers

The fair trade highlight NETCore® is a breaker core technology developed by GTP Schäfer. It allows you to efficiently remove risers with large riser neck penetrations – without the need for time-consuming cutting and sawing work. This significantly reduces the amount of fettling required.

The functionality of the innovative NETCore® breaker core technology

Fair trade highlight NETCore®: the solution to a major foundry problem

Many foundries are faced with a problem – especially in producing large castings: from a certain neck diameter size of risers, the riser residues can only be knocked off under great effort and high expenditure of energy. The result: time-consuming and cost-intensive fettling.

As innovation and technology leader, GTP Schäfer solves this problem with its penetration-free NETCore® breaker cores in the module range of above 5.0 cm: NETCore® shows no sintering at the riser neck and leads to a clear breaker edge. This ensures that knocking off of the riser residue is easy and clean.

GTP Schäfer has expanded its innovative NETCore® breaker core technology in time for GIFA 2023 into a complete portfolio of product solutions suitable for series production for various areas of application. Discover the next and last trade fair highlight in a week here under the menu item “News”.

GTP Schäfer will be presenting the innovative NET-Technology® including NETCore® and much more from 12 – 16 June at GIFA 2023 in Düsseldorf, Hall 12, Stand E 29 & E 30.

Invitation for GIFA 2023

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