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GTP-Toolbox®: New modules and functions (1)

Jörg Schäfer | 02.12.2022

GTP-Toolbox®: New modules and functions (1)

Among many new features, our development team has implemented a completely new module called “KVP”, which we will introduce to you in detail below. In addition, the recently implemented KVP widget has been improved and the display for ID tickets as well as the 8D reports have been optimised. Furthermore, tickets with new entries will now be marked. And we added tooltips to the abbreviations in the column names in the product catalogue. Last but not least, you will be able to print out the status of the lists or tables that are displayed to you at any time.

GTP-ToolBox®: New modules and functions (1) – KVP 

KVP stands for “Kontinuierlicher Verbeserungsprozess” (continuous improvement process). This is a new module in the GTP-ToolBox®. It is used to record, manage and control or monitor all continuous improvement processes within GTP Schäfer. After all, we want to consistently and continuously improve our performance in the interest of our customers, business partners and our employees. 

Neues Module

KVPs are created and managed by the GTP ToolBox® users who have been assigned appropriate permissions.


The KVP widget 

The KVP widget, which we recently implemented under “Tickets”, has been improved: we have added another button to the dashboard. This shows you the number of your open KVPs and gives you direct access to them in one click. 

GTP-ToolBox®: Neue Module und Funktionen (1) - KVP Widget

Display of the “Ticket ID”

In our complaints management tool “Tickets” we have made a small modification to improve transparency: The ticket ID is now displayed in the top left of the menu bar (see red rectangle). 

GTP-ToolBox®: Neue Module und Funktionen (1) ID Ticket

Optimised 8D report

The 8D report is an important report for our company and is generated as part of our “Tickets” complaints management tool. That’s why you can now already create an 8D report under the item “Analysis” (top reight field).

GTP-ToolBox®: Neue Module und Funktionen (1) 8D-Report

Display of new entries in your tickets

You can now see at a glance which of the tickets you are involved in have received new entries since your last login. These tickets are marked with a blue dot following the creation date in the “All Tickets” overview.

GTP-ToolBox®: New modules and functions (1) – Product Catalogue

Tooltips for column labels

Some columns in the product catalogue use abbreviations in order to save space. For better clarity, we have implemented tooltips for you. These tooltips open when you hover with your mouse over an abbreviated column label to show you the full name.

GTP-ToolBox®: Neue Module und Funktionen - Produktkatalog

GTP-ToolBox®: New modules and functions (1) – Printing of lists

At the request of numerous GTP-ToolBox® users, you have now the option of printing out lists and tables in all modules of the GTP-ToolBox® using the print button (see red rectangle). Thus, you can print out the current list or table that is being displayed or which you are working on respectively.

GTP-ToolBox®: Neue Module und Funktionen (1) - Listen drucken

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