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GTP-Toolbox®: the digital data manager for your risers (V)

Jörg Schäfer | 08.06.2022

GTP-Toolbox®: Module 5 - Sample Requests

One of the most challenging tasks for us is the development of risers according to the requirements of our customers in the foundry industry. The two-way structure of the “Sample Request” module ensures transparency and reliability on both sides: ours and that of the customer. Regardless of whether it is an existing riser or a new product: the customer always has all the requirements for the riser and the data for its development at hand – even years later. All project data are kept in one place, the times of gathering of documents such as meeting reports, drawings and e-mails is over. 

Your advantages at a glance:

  • A well-structured, standardized development process
  • Complete recording and documentation of all data
  • Clear assignment and scheduling of tasks 
  • No task can be overlooked or remains incomplete
  • Complete transparency of all processes – including calculation and product design
  • All project data concerning requirements for the riser and its development are available in one click – even years later
  • No more time-consuming gathering of documents required

Sample Requests: All Tasks

Under “All Tasks”, all tasks to be completed are recorded, assigned and scheduled. This way, no task will be overlooked and completed instead.

GTP Toolbox® Sample Request all tasks

Sample Requests: Basic Information

Under “Basic Information” our GTP application consultants record the general order data.

GTP Toolbox® Sample Requests Basic Informations

Sample Requests: Request

Under “Request”, our application consultant enters the requirements for the new riser. Then they will check whether an existing GTP riser matches these requirements. If not, they commission the development of a new riser.

GTP Toolbox® sample requests Request

Sample request process for an existing product

In the first example, we show you the process for requesting a sample of an existing GTP riser.

Sample Requests: Evaluation (existing product)

Under “Evaluation”, the application consultant enters the proposed GTP riser model. They will elaborate on their decision and add requirements for the production process if necessary.

GTP Schäfer Toolbox® Sample Requests Evaluation

Sample Requests: Calculation (existing product)

Here the application consultant confirms an existing price or recalculates it. And they note whether the price offer has been accepted by the customer.

Sample Management (existing product)

In “Sample Management”, the GTP application consultant notes whether the riser is in stock or not. If so, the riser is sent to the customer. If not, the production will be initiated.

Sample Requests: Dispatching (existing product)

Under “Dispatching”, the GTP application consultant documents all the information required for sending the riser.

GTP Toolbox® Sample Requests Dispatching

Sample Requests: Final Customer Approval

The application consultant documents the customer’s feedback under “Final Customer Approval”. Either the customer accepts the supplied riser after checking it or rejects it.

GTP Toolbox® Sample Requests Final Customer Approval

Sample request process for a new product

The first four points of the sample request process “All Tasks”, “Basic Information”, “Request” and “Evaluation” are identical to those of a sample request for an existing product. Except the application consultant decides that we need to develop a new riser. This is documented under “Evaluation”.

Sample Requests: Design (New Product)

Under “Design”, the application consultant records the data for the new riser and adds the product drawing.

GTP Toolbox® Sample Requests design new product

Sample Requests: Calculation (New Product)

Here, the application consultant enters the calculated price and the weight of the new riser, among other things.

Sample Requests: Construction (New Product)

Under “Construction”, the application consultant records all the data and information that the designers need.


GTP Toolbox® Sample Requests

 “Sample Management”, “Production”, “Dispatching” and “Final Customer Approval”

Under the four points mentioned, the application consultant or the designer records information on the production process of the riser. In addition, they document whether we successfully produced the riser. If so, they enter all the information required for dispatching your new product.

The application consultant records under “Final Customer Approval” whether the customer accepts or rejects the new riser.

Post Completion

Under “Post Completion”, the application consultant records the information required for producing the newly designed riser in series.

GTP Toolbox Sample Requests Post Completion

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