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GTP-Toolbox : the digital data manager for your risers (II)

Jörg Schäfer | 17.05.2022

GTP-Toolbox: Modul 2 - SimLink®

Looking for an answer to the question of how you can simulate our GTP risers in MAGMASOFT® in a few seconds? Then give SimLink® a chance. This cost-free and license-free software solution enables you to import the GTP riser portfolio into your MAGMASOFT® in only one click. As a result, you get complete mgo data files. This enables you to position the GTP risers at supposed weak points of your casting by using drag & drop. And save 15 to 20 minutes per riser for the otherwise tiresome data entry. 

SimLink®: Import your complete GTP riser portfolio

With SimLink® you can import the complete GTP portfolio into your MAGMASOFT®. That includes all series-manufactured GTP risers from our general “Product Catalogue” as well as all GTP risers with special geometries that we have custom-made for you. 

Your GTP riser portfolio is always up-to-date with SimLink®

Suppose we add new riser types to your GTP riser portfolio for sampling or for series use. Then you will automatically receive a notification that an update of your portfolio is available. After the import, your GTP feeder portfolio is up to date.

Here you can find out more about our cost-free and license-free software solution SimLink®.

Or register now in our  GTP-Toolbox!

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