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We help wherever we can: Kyekyewere Health Center in Ghana

Jörg Schäfer | 05.04.2023

Consider your soul: the Kyekyewere Health Center in Ghana

When selecting the projects for which we make a social commitment, we take great care to ensure that our donations arrive in full where they are needed. In the case of the Kyekyewere Health Center project, which we are reporting on today, this is ensured by our partner, the aid organisation Madamfo Ghana.


Kyekyewere means “consider your soul”, which a Ghanaian friend of the author kindly translated for us. The Health Center is located about 20 kilometers south of Kumasi in Upper Denkyira Municipal. The village is surrounded by another 29 municipalities. A total of about 15,000 people live there. In Dunkwa Kyekyewere alone there are over 6,000 residents. The health center is the only health care there and has a high number of patients.

Kyekyewere Health Center Unterricht

History of Kyekyewere Health Center in Ghana

The Dunkwa Kyekyewere Health Centre in Ghana opened in 1974 and has since covered the following specialities: outpatient and inpatient care, antenatal care, reproductive child health, paediatric clinic, ultrasound examinations, laboratory and patient monitoring.

There was only one, very small room for inpatient care…. Men, women and children were inevitably housed there together. There is still no accommodation whatsoever for the staff. In addition, there is a lack of important equipment to ensure a well-functioning daily routine at the clinic.

Kyekyewere Health Center Frontansicht

The Project Kyekyewere Health Station in Ghana

The planners structured the project into four phases. In Phase I, the Kyekyewere Health Station in Ghana was to be expanded to include a separate men’s and women’s ward. Phase I was successfully completed in April 2019. GTP Schäfer provided the funding of € 40,000.

In Phase II of the project, additional beds were to be provided for the two functional areas “Reproductive Child Health” and “Paediatric Clinic”. Phase II was successfully realised in July 2021, with GTP Schäfer also covering the costs of approximately € 50,000. 

Two further phases are in the planning stage: In Phase III, the required staff accommodation is to be built. And in Phase IV, GTP Schäfer will equip the Kyekyere Health Centre with the urgently needed clinic equipment. The wish list is long: ultrasound equipment, beds, mattresses, bed linen, towels, care and cleaning products just to name a few. Phases III and IV have been implemented from December 2022 and are expected to be completed in April 2023 .

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