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NET Technology®: reducing costs in the post-production process of castings

Jörg Schäfer | 21.06.2022

NET-Technology®: the optimal solution for separating riser remains from the cast part

The post-processing of cast parts accounts for a significant proportion of the costs for foundries. The main cause is the usually time-consuming separation of riser residues from the casting. GTP Schäfer has given this a careful thought and experimented with ways to solve this problem. And thus invented the innovative NET-Technology®. 

In addition, there is a suitable portfolio of product solutions under the brand names NETCore®, NETFrame® and NETSleeve®. We will be presenting these over the course of the coming weeks. With the innovative NET-Technology® we underline our aspiration to be the innovation and technology leader in the development, production and distribution of high-performance riser systems.

The heart of our innovative NET-Technology®

NET-Technology Netz von GTP Schäfer

The main component is a refractory mesh. The caster places it exactly between the riser and the casting. After the casting has solidified, the mesh creates a predetermined breaking point. Along this predetermined breaking point, the caster removes all remaining riser residues – with minimal effort.

Advantages NETTechnology®

NET-Technology® avoids time-consuming cleaning processes

Mitarbeiter am Mircoskop

Having a sufficiently large feeder neck diameter plays a significant role in the reliable feeding of the casting. However, it increases the amount of work and time required to separate the riser from the casting. This separation process is made even more difficult if the risers are placed in difficult to access locations.

In addition to this spatial problem, conventional breaker cores, especially in iron castings, often tend to cause strong penetration or sintering. That means that chipping or shooting off the riser residues is not possible without preparatory work such as cutting or burning. This in turn significantly increases the cleaning effort and the associated costs. 

We developed NET-Technology® and its product solutions to minimize exactly this effort. It enables easy removal of riser necks up to 150 mm – with conventional tools. Interested?

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