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NET-Technology®: Abbildung feuerfestes Netz

NETFrame®: 80% less cleaning costs when removing riser residue

Jörg Schäfer | 29.06.2022

NETFrame®: fast and process-safe removal of riser residues

NETFrame® product solutions have a fire-resistant mesh fixed in a metal frame. The special shape of the frame ensures that it grips into the moulding sand. In this way, it holds the NETFrame® directly to the surface of the casting.

The refractory mesh creates a predetermined breaking point. This means that the riser neck or gate is weakened in the area of the refractory mesh. At this predetermined breaking point, the caster removes the riser residue quickly and reliably.

The advantages of NETFrame® made by GTP Schäfer:

  • 80% less cleaning costs
  • Higher productivity thanks to less cleaning and time expenditure (see figure below)
  • Flexible application at diameters between 40–150 mm
  • Less mechanical stress on the cast
  • Fewer rejects by reducing defects due to cleaning
  • No safety distance from the cast part required
  • Fewer accidents

Liste Vorteile NETFrame®

Case study: Hydraulic casting, manufactured by the SLR Group

“The use of NETFrame® technology enables us to produce demanding and cleaning-intensive components within the regular throughput time without having to separate them from the regular production process. Furthermore, the reject rate is significantly reduced.”

Christian Zoupina, Foundry Manager SLR

Would you like to know how SLR succeeded with NETFrame® in removing the riser residues of a cast hydraulic component in the running production process without having to transfer them to another work station?

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