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POINT-Risers® Options made by GTP Schäfer

POINT-Riser®: for precise placement on the smallest contact surfaces

Jörg Schäfer | 30.08.2022

POINT-Riser®: highly exothermic riser sleeve, specially for use on molding plants

How can you quickly equip a model plate with risers in the cycle of the molding line? Quite simply: with our POINT-Risers® with self-centering inner contour. This innovative riser system from technology leader GTP Schäfer only requires the neck diameter of the riser as a contact surface on the model contour. This allows the precise positioning of our point feeder on the smallest surfaces such as cams or ribs.

How it works

The POINT-Risers® are initially held up by a mandrel when filling the molding sand into the molding box. By compacting the molding sand, the POINT-Riser® moves in the direction of the model, so that the molding sand between the riser and the model is compacted. The molding sand, which is formed between the casting and the riser in the sense of a breaker core, forms the casting contour. Only the small metallic riser neck interrupts the cleanly reproduced casting contour.

Funktionsweise Punkt-Speiser®

POINT-riser®: Your advantages

  • Improved casting yield compared to conventional feeder systems
  • Flexible positioning even on complex casting geometries
  • Precise, pinpoint positioning on the smallest contact surfaces
  • Better utilization of pattern area – more parts per box
  • Less post processing and rejects
  • Shorter processing times

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