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Invitation for GIFA 2023

The new PXT/PKXT Riser System: top quality castings thanks to pinpoint feeding

Jörg Schäfer | 13.03.2023

The innovative PXT/PKXT Riser series: top quality casts thanks to pinpoint feeding

Feeding as precisely as possible and not having to use any more risers than absolutely necessary: This and the increasingly complex casting geometries are the topics that are currently moving foundries. Innovation and technology leader in high-performance riser systems, GTP Schäfer, took on the challenge to respond to this trend. The Grevenbroich-based company has developed and improved the POINT-Riser® series. 

Die innovative PXT/PKXT-Speiser-Serie

PXT/PKXT Riser series to set new standards 

With the revised PXT/PKXT series, GTP Schäfer use their 15 years of experience in the application and continuous development of the POINT-Riser® portfolio to set a new standard in terms of performance, user-friendliness and economy for riser systems used in high-pressure moulding lines. 

The PXT/PKXT riser system features thick-walled riser sleeves that allow for a utilisation 70 %. This equals up to six times higher performance than offered by conventional sand risers. Specific formulations and materials allow the PXT/PKXT risers to be both highly exothermic with a high specific insulating effect promoting longer feeding and solidification.

A range of different neck diameters offer advantages over conventional riser systems with sand breaker cores

Possible riser neck sizes, of the proven POINT-Riser®, available are 20, 25, 30, 40 and 60 mm as well as a 20 x 30 mm for the oval variant. As a result of the optimally adaptable contact surface, accurate positioning of the riser on the component is made possible, even in the most difficult positions, offering advantages compared to conventional riser systems with breaker cores. The minimal contact area of the PXT/PKXT risers (with metallic breaker core in sleeve shape) reduces significantly the amount of work required for the removal and post fettling operations.

The PXT/PKXT Riser Series Represents Significant Improvements to the POINT-Riser®.

The PXT/PKXT product series from GTP Schäfer is an improvement to the modular system of the field-proven POINT-Risers®. Due to the formation of a precise predetermined breaking point by the metal sleeve – directly at the contact surface – a predefined breaking edge is created. This means that the necessary contact surface of the riser can be reduced by up to 90 percent when compared to traditional riser usage with breaker cores. This enables the efficient, process-reliable removal of the riser residue. What’s more, the minimal contact surface eliminates the need for extensive grinding of the casting in the area surrounding the riser.

Further advantages of the new PKX/PKXT system: 

  • Reliable moulding → The riser does not break, no crumbling
  • Constant volume
  • Riser retains its shape
  • Reduced risk of exothermic mass inclusions, no crumbling
  • High transport stability
  • No emission due to emission-neutral anorganic binders and lack of plastic accessories
  • Clamping points guarantee positional accuracy after moulding
  • Sleeve does not springback during compaction of the mould
  • Uniform mould compaction below the riser
  • Suitable for minimal contact surfaces
  • Optimum break-off behaviour of the riser after casting
  • Available in fluorine-free formulation (FF)

The innovative PXT/PKXT riser series and much more will be presented by GTP Schäfer from 12 – 16 June at GIFA 2023 in Düsseldorf, hall 12, booth E 29 & E 30.

Invitation for GIFA 2023

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