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Invitation for GIFA 2023

GTP Schäfer Develops New Specialised Moulding Material CERAPEARL 3D

Jörg Schäfer | 17.03.2023

CERAPEARL 3D: Application for the production of one piece cores utilising 3D printing techniques

GTP Schäfer has developed a new special moulding material for 3D printing applications: CERAPEARL 3D. This product innovation enables foundries to produce complex cores utilising 3D printing techniques in one piece, instead of shooting and joining individual core segments as was previously the case. The resulting elimination of core buildings reduces the time required for production shortening delivery times. 


The application of 3D printing for the production of moulds and cores is progressing rapidly. 

The reason for the application of 3D printing for moulds and cores is obvious. With this still relatively young production process it has become possible to reproduce ever more complex geometries and casting sections. 

At the same time demands on traditional moulding materials used are also increasing with silica sand having significant limitations to maintain stability of the finished product which is especially true for 3D printing.

CERAPEARL 3D meets highest demands

With the development of CERAPEARL 3D, GTP Schäfer has succeeded in producing a synthetic moulding material that is able to meet the highest demands for moulding and core making applications. 

CERAPEARL 3D improves the stability of the casting process by

  • high thermal resistance
  • high gas permeability
  • excellent flowability
  • low binder requirement
  • suitability for 3D printing.

The innovative CERAPEARL 3D moulding material is compatible with all of the usual binders used with commercially available 3D printers. No modification to the machines is required.

CERAPEARL 3D reduces production time, production costs and delivery time

GTP Schäfer will be presenting the innovative CERAPEARL 3D and much more from 12 – 16 June at GIFA 2023 in Düsseldorf, hall 12, booth E 29 & E 30.

Invitation for GIFA 2023

Invitation for GIFA 2023

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