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GTP Schäfer: Presentation at the World Foundry Organisation Congress in Korea

Jörg Schäfer | 20.10.2022

Topic: 'Today's requirements for riser suppliers in a digital working world'

Jörg Schäfer, Managing Director of GTP Schäfer GmbH reported online in his 30-minute presentation on how his company meets today’s requirements compared to the challenges of the 1990s. 

His presentation covered the following key topics:

  • Conversion of machinery to Industry 4.0 controlled production.
    (Industry 4.0 refers to the networking of machines and processes with the help of information and communication technology).
  • Presentation of the GTP ToolBox® developed by GTP Schäfer:
    An information system for providing individual customer data or their respective product portfolios (of our total of 3500 products, only 600 are standard products).
  • Connection of the GTP ToolBox® via SimLink® in MAGMASOFT®.
    SimLink® is a free-of-charge and licence-free software solution which enables, for example, simulators to import the GTP riser portfolio into their MAGMASOFT® software at the click of a mouse.
  • Establishment of a worldwide network of production and logistics locations
    In order to be able to act globally, GTP Schäfer has established locations in China, India, Turkey and the USA in the past.

Weieter Vortrag beim World Foundry Organisation Kongress 2022

The presentation was very well received by the international audience. It underlined GTP Schäfer’s position as innovation and technology leader in riser systems. GTP Schäfer and the software manufacturer MAGMA acted as main sponsors at this globally renowned event. Would you like to learn more about GTP Schäfer?

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