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Das Modul Visit Reports aus der GTP Toolbox

GTP-Toolbox®: the digital data manager for your risers (IV)

Jörg Schäfer | 31.05.2022

GTP-Toolbox: Module 4 - Visit Reports

What if you could read up the discussed contents and results of all visits of your GTP application advisor at any time? And if you would always be up to date on your projects with us? Our “Visit Reports” tool provides you with the answers to these questions.

Under “Visit Reports”, our GTP application consultants document all visits with the target results and project data recorded therein. Such as product features, prices and delivery quantities. Just like target agreements for sample requirements, existing problems and much more.

The advantages of the “Visit Reports” module for GTP Schäfer’s customers (and also for us) are obvious:

  • Everyone in the company (even those who did not participate) gets an insight into what was discussed and what was or is being done.
  • All tasks are transparent and comprehensible. And everyone can see who has to do what by when and what the current status quo of the respective project is.
  • No tasks get lost.

Here are the individual features of the “Visit Reports” module:

Basic Information

Our GTP application consultants record the general order information under “Basic Information”.

GTP Toolbox Visit Reports Basic Information


Under “Description”, our GTP application consultants document all the order and project details discussed during the visit. Here, they can also record any problems that have occurred and possible solutions.

All tasks

In “All tasks” of the “Visit Reports” module, our GTP application consultants document the next steps resulting from a visit and assign these tasks upon agreement to the according employees, both on the customer’s and GTP’s side.


All SR

If one or more sample requests result from a visit, our application consultant has the option of documenting the information, data and documents required for this under the sub-item “All SR”. At the same time, the sample request(s) recorded here appear in the “Sample Request” module – with a note including a link to the relevant “Visit Report”.

GTP Toolbox Visit reports SR


The GTP application consultant stores useful and order-related information material such as photos, 3D drawings and videos in “Attachments”

GTP Toolbox Visit Reports Attachements

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